Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Go International!

We have created this blog to keep everyone informed of our adventures and misfortunes. Sometimes we may write blogs together - as we are doing now, and sometimes we may write our own. We hope you enjoy our tales and we would love to read your comments!

Last night, we celebrated K.C.'s 34th birthday by doing the four things we like best; golf, movies, eating, and drinking. (The A-Team rocks, by the way). Thank you to Sean and Liz for helping us have a fabulous evening.

Due to our party animal instincts, we had a slow start to our trip to Alaska this morning. Our original departure time was slated for 9:00 am. Our actual departure time was 9:40. Not too bad given the late night of karaoke. Special thanks to the lovely ladies at Starbucks for helping revive us with some delicious drinks and pastries.

Jen enjoyed her complete body cavity search at the border; K.C. did not: Just kidding. Other than Jen choosing the slow line, we got through customs with two dogs, two bottles of wine, and no hassles.

We are now sitting at Wild Rose Campground outside of Hope, British Columbia. Take a look at the view from our window. The weather is cold, cloudy, and occasionally rainy - feels like home! The dogs are happy and we are about ready to fire up the grill and enjoy good food and eachother's company.


K.C. and Jen

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  1. glad your first day went uneventfully and you got off ok-assumed you had left as hadn't heard from you. will follow with interest.