Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tim Horton is My New Best Friend

Since we last left off, Wifi hot spots have been few and far between, so we will attempt to catch you up on all of our happenings over the last 5 days.

After leaving Hope, we set our sights on Williams Lake, 5 hours away. The Williams Lake Stampede Campground was our home for the next 3 days, and we were able to enjoy the locals setting up for the "famous" Williams Lake Stampede - check it out July 1st - 4th, 2010 (this is a paid advertisement) :)

Day 1 - Williams Lake: We went Mountain Biking down what was described as an "easy" gravel road. Jen was petrified the whole way, due to her unreasonable fear of biking on gravel roads. (Yes, I admit is ridiculous - but I was going a decent speed most of the time) :). The highlight of the scenic bike ride was meandering past the Sewage Treatment Lagoon....not part of the description in the tour book.

Next, we went Kayaking on Williams Lake, and KC attempted to tan his pasty white Alaska skin. Luckily no one fell in, and KC had fun chasing some geese around the reeds.

Day 2 - Tim Horton's becomes the new Starbucks in the eyes of Jen. Searching for a Wifi signal brought us to Canada's favorite coffee & doughnut shop - Tim Horton's. Yes, I know that the coffee is all instantly made with the press of a button, but that French Vanilla "Cappucino" as they call it, is addictive stuff. Plans to take in several tins of it to Alaska are in the works.

We rounded out our trip to Williams Lake with a jaunt over to the local Par 3 golf course where we played a quick 11 (?!?) holes. It felt like we were playing in an old cow pasture.....and it probably was at one time....but it was very entertaining and challenging at the same time.

Morning of Day 3 in Williams Lake we decided to pick up camp and head to Barkerville - home of the 1861 gold rush. Definitely a touristy destination, but we were told it was not to miss.

In our Milepost (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Tyo), we found a campground advertised as free, just had to drive down an active logging road. Campsite was very close to a beautiful creek, very secluded, and the right price. Too bad it was mosquito infested. Poor Fenway almost got carried away by a swarm of them.

Barkerville was a fun place to visit, but probably only once. It is a town set in the 1860's, when the gold rush was in its prime. We saw a show in the theater, ate in China Town at an authentic Chinese restaurant, got homemade fudge at the Confectionary, and posed in front of the stagecoach. (See the cute picture).

We decided to take a short drive today to Prince George, British Columbia. Jen was twitching over the laundry, we were out of water, KC had filled up the Black Water tank, and of course we needed internet to post another blog for all of our fans. Grocery shopping is the exciting activity for this evening (we hear they have a Wal-Mart - woo hoo!). We will post again soon with more fun tales of life on the road.

(This picture is the cast of the play we saw in Barkerville....really entertaining and funny.)


KC & Jen


  1. sounds like things are going well. what did you expect in june--no bugs? remember they only have two months to get you b/4 it freezes again.

  2. Who knew there was so much to do between tacoma and alaska? Glad you two are having a wonderful time.