Friday, June 18, 2010

First Anniversary

In honor of our first anniversary as a ridiculously happy couple (I know, blech) - K.C. and I decided to spend the beautiful day outside exploring Hope.

We began our adventures exploring some of the local geo-caches, and we have come to the conclusion that Canadian geo-cachers are much trickier in their hiding techniques. After 2 hours we only found one. Pathetic really, but we will blame it on the Canadians and the metric system. Who needs it anyway. :)

Golf seemed to be a better decision at this point, so after making a 5:00 tee time, we took a quick lunch break - just in time for the rain. Has anyone notified Mother Nature that it is June already? Luckily, it only drizzled for the first couple of holes. Then, we were lucky enough to get to play surrounded by what we think must have been woodchucks. Very cute, a little squeaky and loud, and they don't like it when K.C. aims his shots at them. :)

After our stellar (or was it stinky) 9 holes, we ended up at a cute little bistro for what we hoped would be a delicious meal. 2 hours later, we left with a complimentary appetizer, dessert, and I only had to send my lamb back once. :) Not quite what we had planned for our special dinner, but it definitely was an experience.

Heading to bed soon to be on our way tomorrow morning. Next destination: Williams Lake. By the way, after seeing several gas stations posting prices at 102.9 per liter (what?!?!)....we finally figured out that it is 102.9 odd way to show the prices, but for those that are curious, it works out to be about $3.89 per gallon.

Aipaq and Fenway send their love, as do K.C. and I.


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  1. I miss u so much! I passed my certification exam. YIPEE!!! We are packing up our house on Monday for our move to Florida. What do you think about a old Hollywood glam theme for your wedding? JK.......KC
    Love you,