Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Spectacular Kayaking Dog!

Good Evening to all of our lovely blog-readers!

After we left the comforts of Whitehorse we spent a night in the Tatchun Lake Government Campground. Beautiful site, very close to the water, free firewood (woo hoo), and we only had about 20 teenagers at some sort of summer camp in the site next to us. :)

As soon as KC could fill up the Kayaks (and I could get a nap) we headed out onto the lake for a paddle. It was by far the nicest day we had, I think it reached the low 70's. I felt so bad about leaving Fenway in the trailer after a long drive, so I decided to take her with us. Surprisingly enough, she had an awesome time and never fell in once. :) Take a look!

We are now in Dawson City - the former capital of the Yukon. It was a long day of driving so we haven't done much exploring yet, but we will keep you updated when something exciting happens. KC has plans for us to Kayak down the Klondike River into the Yukon River wish us luck.


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  1. Getting on the water is always good, eh? Last time we were down in the Virgin Islands I wrote in my journal "I feel more at home in the water than I do on land...". I think it's about the total sensory experience, especially when I'm in the water. Glad y'all are continuing to enjoy your traveling experience. Cheers. Tom