Monday, July 5, 2010

Golf, Snow, and Drunk Bob, these are a few of our favorite things...

Greetings from Whitehorse, Capital of the Yukon Territory! When we last were online, we were sitting at the Mile 0 Campground in Dawson Creek. We are now 884 miles down the road. It has been an exciting week of travels, adventures, snow (we'll get to that), and our favorite, Drunk Bob!

After departing the Mile 0 Campground, we had a long 10 mile drive before arriving at a golf course/RV park where we played a round of golf and spent the night. I had one of those games where everything went right and loved the course. Jen's opinion of the course is a little different then mine.

The next night we stayed at Bucking Horse River Campground, our first Provincial Park. Provincial Parks offer no services except those wonderful smelling outhouses everyone loves. I have to say there are some wonderful aspects of "roughing it" in a 30 foot 5th wheel, having our own bathroom is one of them. While at the campground we ran the raging river twice in our kayaks and we hiked to Sikhani Chief Falls.

The following day we drove to Summit Lake, another Provincial Park. We arrived in a storming monsoon rain and a tropical 42 degrees. The following day started out sunny but by the afternoon started to cloud up. We went inside to warm up, which unfortunately caused us to miss the grizzly bear that reportedly wandered through the campground. By that evening, it was pouring down rain again. The next morning, while eating breakfast Jen looked out the window and exclaimed, "I think it is snowing!" As we broke camp, the truck's thermometer read 36 degrees and it was in fact snowing. Happy July 1st, or Canada day!

After two days of driving, we stopped at the Continental Divide Roadhouse and RV Campground. After Jen scratched her laundry itch, and I washed Aipaq (she had started to smell a little like dog), we decided to go to the campground pub for a quick beer before dinner. We walked into a small, quaint, room with a dog laying on the floor next to the bar. Jennifer and I pulled up a couple of bar stools next to a loud, camo covered patron named Bob. Before our butts hit the seat, Bob had purchased our first round. After finishing our beers and talking to Drunk Bob about fishing, Jennifer and I tried to leave. Instead, Drunk Bob ordered us another round. The night quickly disintegrated into a trivia game where Jen and Bob took turns betting on each other's trivia questions. The stakes were a buck a question, although Jennifer lacked money so she used paper coasters instead. The game seemed a little one sided as every time Jen would ask a difficult question Bob would answer with, "You don't want me to answer that, you'll lose your dollar." Five free beers and a shot of fireball later, Jennifer and I decided it was time for dinner and left before another round could arrive.
We are now sitting in Whitehorse where we have spent the last couple of days sight-seeing and reprovisioning for the next leg of our trip, the Top of the World Highway. Jennifer and I hope everything is going well for everyone who is following our trip.


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  1. Kayak? Jen, I did not know you started kayaking. Well, I think that is a really rad hobby! I think I am going to learn how to surf while we are in Florida. Love ya, Angela